Children’s Tennis Camp at Kraví Hora


Tennis camp of 2017 at Kraví Hora has two free terms for your children to join. The weekly camp runs from the 21.08. – 25.08. and 28.08. – 01.09. Last camp gathered 30 children. The program also supports English-speaking families.

For the 12th consecutive year, your children may enjoy competitive and fun tennis games led by professional coaches. The camp runs Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 15:30. You may ask for additional babysitting until 5pm, which will cost 80 crowns a day.

English Football School for Children in Brno

The first meeting on Monday will be at 8:15. It is recommended to have a bottle of water, suitable sport shoes, sunscreen, bathing suit, and a towel. Tennis rackets can be borrowed at the site for 150 crowns, although you would have to ask in advance.

The price of the program is 2850, or 2650 CZK for tennis club members.

To register, apply only by e-mail having filled out the form.

Phone: 604 245 748

Warm up.
Tennis Block I
Children will learn tennis techniques and improve their motor skills.
Tennis video and a fairytale
Games for developing coordination, dexterity and strength.
Tennis Block II
Tournaments, pool visit and creative workshops.
Rounding up the day and letting children go home.
Additional babysitting.

Photo credit: Senior Airman Wesley Farnsworth.

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