09/02 The Biggest Open Air Gastronomic Party in Brno – Chillibraní & Apetit piknik 2017


Chillibraní and Apetit piknik join and bring you one of the best hot food festivals in Europe. Photo: Chillibraní

Mark the date – Chillibraní & Apetit piknik 2017: September 2 at the swimming pool complex Riviéra.

Two popular events will be united for the first time – the new festival attracts food and drink lovers, chefs, farmers, and culinary specialists who gather at one place to celebrate the variety of spicy and non-spicy food and recipes. 

Chillibraní brings a spicy zest to Apetit Piknik festival, showing that chili peppers and hot spices are not meant to burn your palate but enhance the experience.

Workshops, lectures, lessons of food photography with Canon, cooking shows, contests… We look forward to the shows of Tejinder Riar (chef of restaurant Flavours in Brno), Jana Bilíková with Přemek Forejt (creative chef from Ambiente and chef of Entrée), Oldřich Sahajdák (Michelin star chef of La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise) and Peter Ocknecht – a trendsetter of insect on plate.

Photo: Chillibraní

Fifty contestants will compete for the title of ‘Chilližrout 2017’ in the Championship of Czech and Slovak republic in eating spicy peppers.

Beer enthusiasts, also known as Czechs, will have an opportunity of flushing down the burn after chili experiments with six different kinds of beer. If you are not a fan of a malty drink, there is always a choice of cider.

The festival promises not to have long queues with ten booths scattered around the Riviéra area.

“In Brno, there has recently arisen an incredible number of high-quality diners, bars and cafes. I do not doubt that we will discover a lot of new and fresh faces,“  editor in chief of Apetit magazine, Marie Holobrádková says.

If the weather permits, the swimming pools will be open!

To avoid lines for the tickets, order them online for 120 crowns.

When: September 2, 11:00 – 24:00
Where: Swimming pool Riviera, Bauerova 322/7

Chillibraní supports foundation Dejme dětem šanci. Their children’s home will be donated 3% from a prie of each ticket and 2% go to support Honzík Vacek, who has been in vigil coma for four years and who has suffered traumatogenic epilepsy.

The festival is held under the auspices of mayor of Brno Ing. Petr Vokřál and commissioner of Jihomoravský kraj JUDr. Bohumil Šimek.

Program (main stage):

  • 10:00 opening
  • 12:30–13:00 Workshop by producers My-chilli
  • 13:00–13:30 Lecture about growing chilli by experts from z My-Garden
  • 13:45–14:10 Cooking show of Indian chef Tejinder Riar
  • 14:20–14:50 Cooking show of Přemek Forejt and Jana Bílková
  • 15:00–15:45 Cooking show of Jiří Štift
  • 16:00–16:30 Insect on plate with Petr Ocknecht
  • 16:45–17:15 Cooking show of Oldřich Sahajdák + handover of gifts
  • 17:45–20:00 Chilližrout 2017
  • 20:30–21:30 Concert of band Trio Romano
  • 22:00–22:15 Fire show performed by Spinning Princip

Program (Apetit & Gorenje lounge):

  • 11:30–12:00 Blitz cooking with chef of brand Meggle
  • 12:15–13:30 Edition of Apetit – preparation of home-made ice cream in washing machine
  • 13:45–15:15 Cooking show of Michelin star chef Oldřich Sahajdák
  • 15:30–16:30 Bartender show of Michal Nevrlý (Super Panda Circus)
  • 16:45–17:45 Cooking show of chef Jan Horký
  • 18:00–19:30 Edition of Apetit, mystery box and you!
  • PLUS – Entertaining quizzes about great prizes

Find more information on www.apetitpiknik.cz and www.chillibrani.cz

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