09/09 – 09/10 Špilberk Castle Medieval Fair


Great way to spend this weekend in Brno – festival of crafts at Špilberk Castle. Photo: @BrnoDaily

Brno, Sep 08 (BD) – This weekend, Špilberk castle invites parents to bring their children to spend pleasant family time surrounded by a middle age inspired atmosphere.

The idea of the event is to make participants learn more about handicraft of the middle age. The weekend at the castle counts with funny and playful activities that engage parents and their kids in a first-hand experience of walking between the castle halls in the skin of medieval craftsmen.

The participants will learn to make art out of materials used in middle age like wood and cloth and at the end judge will appoint the best craft work.

The guided walk around the castle will take parents and children to very special parts of the castle. “We will open for them an eastern, originally Renaissance bastion that offers one of the most beautiful views of Brno.” Radim Dufek, event organizer says.

There are a lot of suggestions to spend a nice weekend at Špilberk Castle.

Those interested in handicraft can visit the craft stalls where craftsmen will show how make historical costumes and jewerly. The visitors more interested in weaponries cannot miss the knight’s camp and the weapons exhibition. There are many more activities.

For example, groups of historical dances, fencing performances, music and theater of the Hermitage, Rex and Codex groups will take place on stage in the large courtyard.

Find Facebook event page here.

Place and Time: Špilberk Castle, from 10 AM to 18 PM

Admission fees:

Adult: 150 CZK

Family ticket: 300 CZK

Codex Group Concert free of charge


Saturday and Sunday:
10:00 – 18:00 Tovaryšský Vandr, Knight’s Camp
13:00 Wedding Gothic Dance
14:00 Duel fencing performance
15:00 Let the king compete for the children’s tournament
16:00 She has a renaissance dances

only Saturday:
18:00 concert of Codex

only on Sunday:
17:00 Mother theater performances


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