Talented Artists with Disabilities from OPEN ART STUDIO to Create Designs for the National Theater Brno


The ongoing concert season of the National Theater Brno (NdB) has been visually enhanced by significant cooperation with OPEN ART STUDIO.

Brno, Dec 20 (BD) – The OPEN ART project enables talented artists with disabilities to express themselves and realize their potential with the creation of new, completely individual graphic designs for concerts at the Brno National Theater. When publishing the designs, the theater always includes a short presentation of the artist to introduce them to the public.

The OPEN ART project highlights the unique and often neglected contribution of non-professional artists with disabilities to the field of culture.

The aim is also to establish a model for the placement of talented people with disabilities in the labor market in accordance with international principles and values. Another important goal of the project is to involve artists with disabilities in commercial projects, giving them the chance to get work experience in a competitive environment and as part of professional creative teams.

The OPEN ART STUDIO has been in operation for five years, providing talented artists with disabilities with informal education and the opportunity to realize their own work and present it in the studio. The studio was founded and run by university lecturer Pavel Sochor, who then passed the experience of working with talented people with disabilities to his students, who also became actively involved in the project. Support for the project from the university sphere was provided from the beginning by the studio of Masaryk University’s Faculty of Education, which was funded in 2016 by a grant from the Czech Ministry of Culture.

The following is a list of concerts that the NdB will perform in the first half of 2019. Concerts accompanied by visuals created by artists in the OPEN ART project are marked in bold.

  • 06. 01. 2019 – Kamelot
  • 20. 01. 2019 – Ondřej Havelka a jeho Melody Makers
  • 09. 02. 2019 – The Celtic Social Club
  • 24. 03. 2019 – Radůza
  • 28. 03. 2019 – Zrní
  • 04. 04. 2019 – DERMACOL No Name acoustic tour
  • 05. 04. 2019 – CROSS BORDER BLUES (USA/FRANCIE – Harrison Kennedy, Jean-Jacques Milteau a Vincent Segal)
  • 14. 04. 2019 – Vladimír Mišík & ETC
  • 29. 04. 2019 – Karel Plíhal
  • 12. 05. 2019 – Hana a Petr Ulrychovi  
  • 20. 05. 2019 – Ewa Farna – Málo se známe Tour 2019

See the photo gallery! Source: NdB.

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