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Posted 4 years ago

Registry office. Competence for city districts: Brno-Bystrc, Brno-Kníničky, Brno-Žebětín.

 Municipal Services /  Brno-Bystrc / 371 views

Posted 5 years ago

Brno is recognized as a great alternative to traditional European tourist destinations. Get more information about...

 Travel & Tourism /  Brno-Bystrc / 737 views

Posted 6 years ago

With 2.6 stars (on Nov 29, 2017) the costumer opinions about this post office are divided....

 Post Offices /  Brno-Bystrc / 1046 views

Posted 6 years ago

The mission of Czech Post is to be a trustworthy provider of quality services in the...

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Brno Zoo


Posted 5 years ago

330,000 people visited Zoo Brno in 2018, the highest number of visitors in the modern history of the...

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